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Bye Bye HL2

November 21st, 2004 No comments

and like that, it was over
Game Release: November 16th 2004 12am
…4:09pm, November 21st, 2004, game complete…, now WHAT? (sigh, back to City of Heroes)

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Half-Life 2 – At last!

November 17th, 2004 No comments

Valve and Vivendi publishing finallly kissed and made up, and at last, I can play Half-Life 2. This game plays a lot like the Original, so, if you liked that game, you’re going to like this one. The textures are very high detail, and most everything in the world is interactive (you can pickup bottles and cans and throw them out your enemies, granted, you’ll die, but hey, it’s part of the fun). I’m only like an hour into it, playing it on the middle difficulty setting to keep myself on my toes. more soon!

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Answered the “Call of Duty”

December 28th, 2003 No comments

I heard the Call of Duty, answered the call of Duty, now what? Actually, I just finished playing Activition’s First Person Shooter PC game called ‘Call of Duty’. Like ‘Medal of Honor’, this game took you through some of the most dangerous missions during World War II focussing initially on the 101st Airborne parachuting in, then to some of the british missions, and also even included some of the story told in the movie “Enemy at the Gates” which focusses on the Russian part of the story. It’s based on ID software’s Quake3 gaming engine, but has been modified to include some very nice effects such as pixel shaded water (water has active waves, reflections, etc). The game seemed a little short, but otherwise is top notch.

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Colin McRae Rally 3.0

November 16th, 2003 No comments

Colin McRae Rally 3.0 – I’ve been playing a lot of Colin McRae Rally 3.0 for PC lately. Here’s an example screenshot from the game. The physics model is just sooo realistic, the graphics are downright awesome, and hell, it’s a lot less expensive than tracking my own car 8)

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