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Answered the “Call of Duty”

December 28th, 2003 No comments

I heard the Call of Duty, answered the call of Duty, now what? Actually, I just finished playing Activition’s First Person Shooter PC game called ‘Call of Duty’. Like ‘Medal of Honor’, this game took you through some of the most dangerous missions during World War II focussing initially on the 101st Airborne parachuting in, then to some of the british missions, and also even included some of the story told in the movie “Enemy at the Gates” which focusses on the Russian part of the story. It’s based on ID software’s Quake3 gaming engine, but has been modified to include some very nice effects such as pixel shaded water (water has active waves, reflections, etc). The game seemed a little short, but otherwise is top notch.

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Christmas – The Aftermath

December 27th, 2003 1 comment

Christmas comes but once a year, and for 2003, it is now coming to a close. Here are some of the things that I reflect upon when I think about Xmas03:

  • The mad dash to get one of the last two Care-Bear’s from Kaybee Toys
  • Keeping Cassidy occupied while shopping for her..with her… :wink:
  • Finding and decorating our very own six foot Noble Fir
  • The 15 minute mad dash to get Christmas dinner bought before Safeway closed
  • Roasting the garlic to go into the mashed potatoes ( btw, wow)
  • snacking on Hearts of Palm as I grated cheese for the dip
  • How purely AWESOME Emril’s Spinache Artichoke Dip came out!
  • Wrapping the presents on Christmas Eve, making sure that Cassidy was asleep
  • Setting out the partially eaten cake and milk with a note from Santa
  • The pure joy in Cassidy’s face as she opened present after present
  • The contentment in Anna’s gaze, as she experienced what Christmas is all about
  • getting the call from dead-beat Dad that is now over $2000 overdue in child support
    asking when ‘we’ were going to bring Cassidy to him (fortunately for Cassidy, he came to his senses, and came and picked her up today, he’ll get the next week with her)
  • Seeing Anna in her new red and blue Tommy™ tank top and boxers
  • I know Anna was very worried that things would turn out poorly, we were tight on money, but she forgets, that with me, things just tend to turn out famously. For me, I was stressed, but it was also one of the best Christmas’s ever.

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    Ben vs The Great Mall

    December 21st, 2003 2 comments

    Anna and I did some last minute shopping today for Cassidy. She’s going to be one very happy little girl come Christmas morning. The funniest part of the day came in KayBee Toys when Anna was recommending some Barbie Dolls for Cassidy, and she just had that…look… in her eyes… NOOOO not that look, the look that says “I want these for me”. It was very cute. Anna is ‘girlie’, even if she doesn’t want the rest of the world to know it :razz:

    We also grabbed lunch at [i]Dave and Buster’s[/i] where we watched Cassidy play on a boat racing arcade game (Hydro something). She’s very good at entertaining herself.

    One bummer of the day is that my car is starting to sound and act like it did when my old catalytic converter was done. Last time, the old one just blew itself apart (I’m sure the supercharger had something to do with it). I really hope I don’t have to replace that thing again :sad:

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    LOTR – Return of the King – wow

    December 19th, 2003 No comments

    Not since Star Wars have I seen a movie of this caliber. As I watched, I thought of similar events at times as in Star Wars, Excalibur, but never I have seen such battles, such touching moments, ..such story telling. This movie will be with me forever. …also, never has my bladder been so full (I wasn’t about to get up and miss something).

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    Here Comes Santa Clause

    December 18th, 2003 1 comment

    Cassidy is going to beat me silly unless we bring home a Christmas tree tonight, so.., that’s what we’re going to do. There’s a place near us that sells them. I was going to make a trip and and cut down our own tree, but then I realized that I was a lazy bastard that didn’t want to go out and cut down our own tree, so ah well. I’m pretty concerned about the approaching holiday. We had to get Anna’s car fixed, and as a result, we’re uber tight on money. Sometimes things were meant to happen a ceratin way no matter what ‘ya do. I’m sure we’ll find a way to enjoy the holiday no matter what, I’m good at that. Anna and I are going to go See Lord of the Rings – Return of the King tomorrow around 10am. Everyone who is seeing it is speaking very highly of it, even ‘ma bud Silvino who is a very difficult movie critic likes it, so, should be great. Maybe Anna and I should bring those butt pads to this movie (the ones you use at sporting events, this movie is 3+ hours long!). Where’s the old school intermission when you need it!!

    btw…The end of Anna’s brake story ends like this…
    $405 –
    stock rear rotors drilled,
    rear passenger side brake caliper fixed (thanks a lot Troy, yes, sarcastic),
    rear brake pads/rotors installed.

    So, we’re done…for now.
    (mad scientist voice) It’s alive!

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    What Really Matters

    December 17th, 2003 1 comment

    Some days are more trying than others in any relationship. Sometimes it can be really tough, but every time it’s tough it always passes in time. After the tough times have gone, all that you are left with is the core of your relationship. ..kind of like the natural balance point. And this is why I know that Anna and I were meant to be.

    We had a tough day, but it ended well ;-)

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    Anna’s brakes – part 2

    December 17th, 2003 No comments

    So, it’s starting to look like stock mustang rotors will bolt right on with no machine shop work. …and here I thought this was going to really piss me off, go figure 8)

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    Annas Car Woes

    December 16th, 2003 1 comment

    What a Pain the Arse! Anna and I just recently went to have her rear brakes changed out (rotors/pads), but that is not the end of the story. Her ex husband Troy and her installed aftermarket Mustang Cobra R wheels (18’s), and the lug pattern didn’t match the stock lug pattern for her stock 16″ wheels. So, he changed out the hubs/axles to match, right? Noooooo

    He redrilled the stock hubs to match the lug pattern on the new wheels, AND…..
    He redrilled the stock brake rotors to a wider lug pattern to fit….

    So now we only have several options:
    1. Find a shady shop to drill/install stock rotors
    2. Change out her hubs/axles to match the wheels

    I love cars…

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    B2 Blogger Makes its’ Debut

    December 15th, 2003 3 comments

    Well, after some messing around tonight, I’ve switched over to using B2 Blogger for adding posts to this site about my daily life, which, I’m hoping will encourage me to post more often so my girlfriend Anna will believe I’m the geek she wants me to be (Ben ducks). I love you honey. The software really is quite cool, thanks for the tip!

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    Something sounds different

    December 8th, 2003 No comments

    I found a guy on bimmerforums selling his old exhaust system (B and B Triflow). His only complaint? It was too loud (ben grins most deviously). He only wanted $300 for it. so….Anna and I put it on my car together. She was feeling absolutely horrible, so thanks again Lover. I couldn’t have done nearly as quick as we did without you. Here’s an example of what it sounds like.

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