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I’m the Step Dad

July 20th, 2010 No comments

I am Cassidy’s step-Dad.  I’m the other Dad.  I’m the second Dad.

I’m the guy that:

-is the stand-in Dad.

-shows up to the sporting events
(because BioDad didn’t care enough to find out when they were or make the drive up to see them).

-shows up to the music concerts
(because BioDad didn’t care enough to check the schedule, and make the drive up to see his daughter perform).

-helps her understand percents-fractions-decimals-and-Algebra
(because BioDad doesn’t choose to when she’s there).

-teaches her that plagiarism is a crime
(because BioDad plagiarizes her report for her).

-picks her up from the dance
(because BioDad didn’t know she HAD a dance).

-helps her pick her torn heart up off the ground, brush it off, and shove it back into her heart after her boyfriend tries to destroy it
(because BioDad didn’t care to ask if she had a boyfriend).

-in the end of the day, while he still does, doesn’t need to say that he Loves you (Cassidy), because when you look at my actions, it’s clear who took the time with you.

Cassidy to me, is not a commodity, she is NOT someone that I take for granted,…..she is a person, a kid, a daughter that has feelings and wants and dreams…and needs guidance as any tween does.  She needs parents, ..fulltime parents, not when it is convenient…When I took up this position (step dad), it wasn’t marked as ‘temp’ or ‘part-time’ or ‘contract’, …it’s pretty simple really, it’s something that you become…, and once you are, that’s it…you’re it!  You’re the one.  and everyday, if you take part in her life, or if you do NOT take part in your life, it affects her.

Soon, she won’t need much parenting, and that’ll be the end of the job.  Until that time though, I’ll do whatever I can to help her success as she defines it, and experience life with guidance.  I will give her everything, and ask for nothing in return, other than that she do her best no matter what.

I’m the Step Dad.

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