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Here Comes Santa Clause

December 18th, 2003 Leave a comment Go to comments

Cassidy is going to beat me silly unless we bring home a Christmas tree tonight, so.., that’s what we’re going to do. There’s a place near us that sells them. I was going to make a trip and and cut down our own tree, but then I realized that I was a lazy bastard that didn’t want to go out and cut down our own tree, so ah well. I’m pretty concerned about the approaching holiday. We had to get Anna’s car fixed, and as a result, we’re uber tight on money. Sometimes things were meant to happen a ceratin way no matter what ‘ya do. I’m sure we’ll find a way to enjoy the holiday no matter what, I’m good at that. Anna and I are going to go See Lord of the Rings – Return of the King tomorrow around 10am. Everyone who is seeing it is speaking very highly of it, even ‘ma bud Silvino who is a very difficult movie critic likes it, so, should be great. Maybe Anna and I should bring those butt pads to this movie (the ones you use at sporting events, this movie is 3+ hours long!). Where’s the old school intermission when you need it!!

btw…The end of Anna’s brake story ends like this…
$405 –
stock rear rotors drilled,
rear passenger side brake caliper fixed (thanks a lot Troy, yes, sarcastic),
rear brake pads/rotors installed.

So, we’re done…for now.
(mad scientist voice) It’s alive!

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  1. December 18th, 2003 at 18:37 | #1

    Not the end yet…

    *walks off cussing the bastard brakes*

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