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Letting Go

September 7th, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

I know who I want to be, I know I’m not there (yet), …and when I look inward, feeling the deepest roots of my soul, I have no clue how to become that person –┬árelaxed under heavy load, flexible in mind and body, fluid in action and motion, a soft-spoken mind with a strong heart, leading an active life free from injury.

Those I trust tell me, that to get there, I just have to let go, to do nothing, don’t try to fix anything, but instead, listen to my body, my non-intellectual self, relax…. This is so foreign to me, it is so differenet from what I’ve done until now.

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  1. Jorge
    January 23rd, 2012 at 08:04 | #1

    Yeah, everyone says “let go”. I always answer: and how do YOU do that?

    Everything I have tried (accupuncture, chi gong, yoga, breathing, and a very long etc.) leads eventually to more pain. The more I slow down and learn to soften up (literally, in my bones, tendons, muscles) the more pain I feel, when it hits.

    Hey Ben, also try http://www.continuummovement.com/, it is one of the techniques that brings relief while I am doing it. It also opens up a possibility for moving in a different way, without stress, without fighting gravity. It might be easier for your body than for mine.

    I now live aware of “holding”, of being in the grip of tension, all the time.

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