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Ramon kills the tick-tick-tick

February 29th, 2004 Leave a comment Go to comments

[synthetic oil] + [hard driving (who? me?)] + [hydraulic lifters] + [time]
= varnish-like build-up on the hydraulic lifters, causing clearances to change, resulting in….

A local southbay mechanic recently heard my car’s horrible case of Lifter Tick. Ramon (Bavarian Motorsport) thought there was a way to correct this problem without ripping the motor open. He recommended adding a quart of automatic transmission fluid before the next oil change, driving around for thirty minutes to break loose the ‘gunk’, and then do the normal oil change. The risk is that the crap that brakes free with use of the ATF could clog the intake for the oil pump, and I don’t really want to buy a new motor right now. Ramon assured me that if 1)I had done regular oil changes and 2)driven the car hard, that clogging the oil pump was very very unlikely.

So, I’ve gone through two drive cycles after the ATF, and thus far, no loud ticking.

$4 fix? …nice.
(Ben adds this to his normal oil change procedure)

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