E36 Headlights

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Headlight Switch

My dash lights weren’t working for me and it wasn’t the fuse that had blown.  So after much confusion and deliberation, I took it to my mechanic who told me the problem.

This was what I had to replace.  It looked different from the original part that you see here.  The light bulb stem was the only difference though.  The light was built into the new part.

First remove the screw at the bottom of the switch then, pull the whole vent and switch out from the dash.  Next pull the light switch knob off.  Mine was extremely hard to pull off, with some patience and a small flat head screwdriver I got it off.  Unscrew the switch from the wiring harness.  Next unscrew the black nut that surrounds the switch on the front and holds the switch onto the housing.  Swap out the switches and put it back together in reverse order and your done.

I never knew that the switch was illuminated until I swapped it out.

  1. Doug
    July 13th, 2010 at 17:32 | #1

    Thanks. The procedure worked perfectly. Anyone prying off the switch should put a thin cloth or paper napkin between the screw driver and the edge of the switch in order not to mark up the housing. My light was out also, and how nice to have it illuminated now. Thanks again.

  2. November 26th, 2011 at 20:57 | #2

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