E36 Bumper

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Okay, so the question is why would you want to do this in the first place? Beats me, I’m sure there’s plenty of reasons–I took it off to install some M3 lightweight splitters and to mesh out everything, some people install brake duct cooling kits, some install and re-install the disposable splash shield, some just like to take things apart. Whatever the case, here’s how I do it.

Tools: sockets and stuff.

Pry off the plastic bumper moldings with a flat screwdriver. Be careful, you don’t want to mar up the plastic. This will expose the four nuts that hold the bumper to the car.

There are two screws in each of the front wheel wells. Undo these from each side, remembering which screw went where since they’re two different lengths! I forgot which is which.

Next, feel under the corners of the car for these screws and undo them all. The car is too low to really get under there without a lift, so it’s easier to just feel for ‘em. The two front-most holes are not screws!

As you get everything unscrewed, you can slide the bumper off a little bit. DON’T PULL IT ALL THE WAY OFF BECAUSE THERE ARE WIRE HARNESS ATTACHED ON THE RIGHT AND LEFT SIDES!!!! This is a view of the passenger side you need to pull the windshield wiper thermometer out of the brake duct (blue arrow, looks like a circle thingy) and the foglight connector (red arrow). There’s a grey one crammed up there too, it’s for the factory alarm, but I don’t know if it attaches to the bumper or not, but if you have the factory alarm look for it.

On the drivers’ side, theres the foglight connector again (blue arrow) and the thermometer (for the temp button on the computer) in the brake duct (red arrow). If you have the Dinan cold air intake or any other intake where the horn is relocated to the bumper, take the horn connector off too–notice it hanging there below the other horn. Note the expensive K&N filter hangin’ out up there–I paid a lot for that thing so acknowledge its presence!!!

Now just pull the bumper off. Ta da!

Okay, after you do what you gotta do, now you want to put it back on. Push the brake ducts into place, they should just snap on.

On each of the bottom corner plates, there should be two press fit connectors holding them to the bumper. Press out the middle of these from the other side to get these plates off.

With both of these plates off, put the bumper back on. Since these lower plates are gone, you can position the brake ducts so they line up correctly and reconnect the wiring harnesses. When you put the lower corner plates back on, make sure the tabs fit over that other piece (red arrows) and the snappy thing goes in the cut out (blue arrow). Good thing there are pictures for this–sayin’ just put that one thing on that other thing just don’t make no sense. Hyuk hyuk.

Oh yeah, and you might want to tuck the wheel well liner into the side of the bumper–you’ll see what I mean when you can’t figure out why the sides aren’t lining up correctly.

Put all the screws and nuts back where they should be and there ya go, the bumper’s back on. Hey, where’d those M3 lightweight splitters come from????

Version 7/27/99

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