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An Ounce of Practice…

September 8th, 2011 1 comment

It would seem I am meant to further practice my relaxation techniques.  Yesterday, On the way to work, during work, and at the begining of my commute home, I was listening to the Calm Meditation radio station on Pandora dot com.  So, on the way home, when the driver of a 2008 Chevy Malibu decided my lane was in fact his lane, …I wasn’t as tweaked out as I would have been in previous years.  At first, I was frustrated, and a little jumpy from the adrenaline.  However, that soon passed.  I was kind with the other driver, and he was kind with me.

He said “Wow, you’re so calm… I’m sooo sorry”.

Little did he know it took that many hours of calming music to take me there :)

There’s damage to the car.  The two passenger doors will likely need to be replaced.

Mazda Post Accident

However, it’s jsut a car, car’s can be fixed.  I wasn’t hurt, nor was the other driver.  Life goes on :)

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